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Properly classified Corvette ads

Based upon the email we're getting, we know you can't wait until we are ready to take your Corvette Classified Ads.

And we are as excited about The Corvette List as you are. But we need to have all the basic technical pieces and programming in place and working well. We also have to make sure the lawyers are happy, and that we can take your credit cards and PayPal securely and without any fuss.

At this point the prototypes have been built and tested.

The pre-production models have been run through their paces.

The final versions these pages are getting some last minute tweaks and one more coat of polish. We want to make sure your customers feel comfortable and welcome here, and are really anxious to do business with you.

Before you know it, this site will be live and at full throttle!

Shortly we are going to be taking a number of ads at no cost to you, just to run through our system to make sure everything works. If you would like to participate in our final run around the proving grounds, shoot us an ad and some pictures via email. We would love to work with you from the beginning and your input would be sincerely appreciated.

Your ad will reach an active market of Corvette buyers, Corvette owners, and Corvette enthusiasts at no cost to you. But this free offer is only available for a very short while, so contact us today.

The Corvette List is the go-to website for buying and selling Corvettes, Corvette parts and service, and anything Corvette related.

From Corvette Appraisers, Artwork, and Auctions to Z06 and ZR1, The Corvette List is where you will find the action.

Get ready to burn some rubber.

And, save the wave!

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Complete Website Coming Soon

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The Corvette List

For advance info and a free listing offer, contact:


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